Clothing Ironing / Alteration Service


Price per item - No hourly Rates
We believes that you should get a service at an affordable price and know what your paying for, Our “Fixed” per item rate allows you to calculate how much you want to spend on ironing and what garments you want ironed to fit within your household budget... You’re in control of your costs. 

Free Pick-up & Next day Delivery 
(Norman park, Coorparoo, Camp hill, Carindale, Carina and near these area)
Collected Monday to Thursday will be delivered next day, Ironing collected Friday will be delivered next Monday  (There is a minimum charge of $40.00 worth of ironing or clothing mending per order, excluding extras spray starch and hangers)
 - It takes longer time for mending and alteration

Long experienced service
Our long experienced ironers examine your order, checks your garment count and ensures there are no damaged, dirty or shiny items (as they will not be ironed) but returned in the condition received.
All ironing is done by our of ironers using the latest Ironing equipment to give your garments that spring fresh look and the satisfaction that you have a quality finish to your garments every time.
To check all orders before returning to the customer, Our ironers have to be satisfied with the quality and finish to your garments.

Shirts ,Trousers & Blouses
Are returned to you on Hangers, by not using plastic dry cleaning wrap we can help reduce the amount of waste going into the environment. 

General Ironing
All general and children's ironing is, folded and returned in your ironing basket or plastic bin.

Make sure all shirt buttons are undone and sleeves and cuffs are rolled down, all garments are turned right side out, and  fold your garments into your basket or bin try not to crush/crease garments as this will make ironing of them more difficult, (as time is the essence on our low pricing). 
Place your coat hangers in a separate fabric carry bag with your ironing. Do not put them in plastic supermarket bags loosely on the top of your ironing as they will slide of in transit. 

-- Price rates --

For Ironing                                                                                  
Business shirts/blouses - $3.00                                                        
Jeans, Pants, Trousers - $2.50                                                    
Short/Skirts - $2.00
T-shirts - $1.50
Dress (long) - $5.00
          (short) - $3.50
Kid's - $1.50 (size 12 and under)
General items - $1.00 (T/towel, pillow cases etc)
School uniform
shirt, short, skirt - $2.00
Dress - $3.00
For Mending / Alteration
Jeans and pants hem - $10.00 (blind stitched - $15.00)
Skirts, dresses without lining - $20.00, with lining from $30.00
Sleeves - $25.00
Suits jacket sleeves - $40.00

Taken in/out
Pants - $25.00
Jeans - $30.00
* Taken out - depend on the items condition

Short - $20.00(under 10cm), Medium - $25.00(under 20cm), Long - $35~(over 20cm)
Jeans - $28.00